Monday, April 25, 2016

My bags are packed

The Joni Mitchell song is singing in my head: My bags are packed, I’m ready to go. Of course, I am neither leaving on a jet plane, nor lonesome, nor unlucky in love. Check. Check. Check. Still, it’s a grand song, and the melody - if not the lyrics - are seasoning my thoughts as I pack the intangibles - my memories of my first ever Airbnb stay. I think that I have just enough time to squeeze in a quick blog post - so here goes.

The view on my arrival of the reservoir at Blessington Park - where water used to be drawn for the making of Powers Whiskey. It is at the and of the street, two doors down from where I stayed.

The kindness of strangers who become friends, and maybe even family. One of the treats of this trip was meeting Daphne and her sister Rachel. Daphne picked me up from the ferry - even though we were half an hour late, took me to my B&B, and then we supped together. And chatted. Of course. On another evening, Rachel drove me home. I will have to tell her about Kinga's theory of Shamrock driving. Next time we meet. After all, Rachel & I did some of that.

The view from my window of Blessington Park.
Of course it wasn't always sunny, as my soaked hat can attest.

My first "picnic" shared with Peter and Daphne from Dublin & Donna from Boston.

Roasted Roots - the first dish I made with a dish that the owner of the B&B instantly supplied after I grumbled (a little) about how few containers there were to cook with.

Part of the meal I cooked yesterday.A wilted spinach salad dressed with tahini, lemon, maple syrup, salt & pepper. Simple - and thanks to Sabrina who introduced me to the cooking of Anne Jones (and also gave me the cute containers to bring tahini & maple syrup from home)..
Shortly, another of my Dublin friends will be here to pick me up, so it is time to pack up my computer. There are literally minutes to spare. The two of us are heading up to Armagh, and the Armagh Museum, and then for the next five days I will be in the loving care of Maureen Oliver. My heart soars.

PS For Vanessa - this is the coffee mug I used every day:

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  1. I am green with envy. I'm dealing with a washer that spews brown soot at unpredictable times, and a broken ar bumper (I hit a tree at a moment of distraction!). Hopefully allcan be fixed before we go on our annual spring trip to Ontario! Are you in ireland?