Sunday, May 18, 2014

Photos connected to 1875 letter.

 Photos connected to 1875 letter. 
NOTE: This page has been assembled in haste. I hope to add to it when I can spare the time.

Margaret JACKSON – This is the earliest  photo that I have of Margaret as a young woman.

Mary MENARY jr. & her mother, Mary MENARY
Dr. Robert Hamilton REED aka REID (1847-1881), 1st husband of Margaret JACKSON.

Annie Reid is on the right.

Miss Robinson



Mrs. Beattie - but I do not know who she is.

Mary McKEE - I do not know who this is, although the McKEE family did marry into the JACKSONs in the early 1800s. They were a linen family,

Mary PATTERSON (1858-1875). She died November 6th 1875 aged 17 years. She was the daughter of Benjamin PATTESON & Mary McGAW. Her father was an owner of R&B Patteson.

John McCULLAGH – there is more than one, but I suspect he is the one 1847-1909 who was the older brother of Andrew Bradford McCULLAGH who would become Margaret’s 2nd husband after Robert REED died.

Mary REID There is more than one possibility, but I suspect she would be Mary REID née Mary McCULLAGH (1840-1919). She was expecting another child, who was born a month later.

Sally – Sarah McCULLAGH (1852-1939) who later married William Sherlock WHITESIDE. She was a sister of Mary REID.

Sarah JACKSON (1848-1942) who had recently married Eliezer GILMORE.

My grandparents - Thompson Browne & Bessie JACKSON at about the time of this letter.

Johnnie aka John JACKSON (1839-1886), older brother to Mary and Margaret.


  1. We do have a Lillian Beatty married to a James Arthur Menary (son of William Menary and Annie Leeson).

  2. Who knows. There may be a connection.