Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sharon’s Vanilla Yoghurt Ice cream

This is a delightfully tangy ice-cream, that for some reason often tastes as if there is a hint of lemon in it, even though there isn`t. It has been a family fave rave since the kids were little, so we are talking at least three decades and change since I first started making it for our family.

2 ¼c
1 ½c
Unflavoured yoghurt
1 ½T
1 ½ tsp
Eggs lightly beaten
¾ c
½ c
¼ c
¾ c
¼ c
Light corn syrup
2 ¼c
1 ½c
¾ c
Whipping cream
¾ tsp
½ tsp
¼ tsp

  • I have found that it takes a hellishly long time to freeze this ice-cream when I do four times the recipe, but, it may only be that my decades old ice-cream-maker is finally showing its age. Regardless, this is why I draw the line at three times the recipe.
  • It helps to beat the sugar into the eggs first, then add everything else, then start up the ice cream machine so it is already running before you pour it in. NOTE: I put my electric ice-cream maker right into the freezer, even though it is supposed to work with just the freezer pack that fits into it.
  • SUBSTITUTIONS: Light corn syrup is not the same as Rogers Golden syrup – a delightful thing in itself. If you don`t have light corn syrup (which is clear in appearance) – substitutions work, although the texture is different. If you use honey, start by using less than you might think, and then taste for sweetness. The taste of honey can easily be overpowering.
  • Other booze can be substituted for vanilla, but I have always returned to the old tried and true. Mexican vanilla is assertive and perfect for this. MEMORY: This ice-cream was the last thing that my mother ate when she was at my home and near death. Because it was just after Christmas, I pulverized left over candy canes, and included them in the mix. I can still remember her impish smile as it was spooned into her mouth.
  • Ironically, the cheaper yoghurts – the ones that use gelatine to fool you that they are actually real yoghurt – often work really well, although since I prefer organic dairy, I have long since quit doing it this way.

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