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Mitchelburne and Jackson connections

TGF Paterson (1888-1972), an honorary curator of the Armagh County Museum, who possessed no formal academic training but had a passionate curiosity, left a phenomenal legacy of research that focused on County Armagh. My kind of guy – plus he was born in Canada.

Thankfully, the current curator, Sean Barden, suggested that I take a gander at several of his notebooks, including Notebook MS No 135 (4 vols), and as a result, several questions that have bugged me for some time have been answered. One of them had to do with Col John Mitchelburne (1647-1721) -  of the Siege of Derry Fame - and his 1690 marriage to Susanna Beresford (d.1706), widow of William Jackson (1628-1688).

It turns out that Richard Mitchelburne, who also married a Jackson, was a brother of Col. John. At the same time as I learned this, a new mystery was introduced: Who was the Mary Jackson who married Richard Mitchelburne. Was she a sister of William Jackson? William did have a sister - Maria Jackson b 1642. Many of her brothers ended up living in Ireland, so an Irish-based marriage would not be surprising.

I am posting this in the hopes that other researchers may be able to take this one step further.  Mostly I am trying to nail down what happened to the twenty children of Rev. Richard Jackson and his two wives: Dorothy Otway and June Carter. I will write about them soon. In the meantime, there is more detail about the family on my rootsweb tree. Unfortunately, I do not yet have an entry for Col John Mitchelburne’s first wife and their children. They all died during the siege of Derry.

In my room at the Fleet Street Hotel - deep in befuddlement.
In the meantime, here is my transcription of some of the notes done by TGF Paterson, followed by some of my pertinent deeds research.

An Exchequer Bill of 1st July 1709
John Mitchelborne of London City v Richard Jackson of  Dublin City Gent gives the following information: That plaintiff as administrator to his late wife SUSANNA MITCHELBORNE als JACKSON lately filed an Ex. Bill.
That in 1690 Plaintiff married Susan widow of Wm. Jackson Esq & by deed of 6 Feb 1700 between Plaintiff and said wife of one part & William Bishop of Derry, by which  Susan had power to appoint £700, £100 in hands of Wm. Etc. that Susan had £100per year & died intestate in 1706 to which Plaintiff took out admonn, but being absent in England [yet?] got possession. Said debt [debenture?] inherited from Samuel Jackson of Dublin who died worth  £30,000 in Debts [Debentures?] houses etc.

Marriage settlement 6 Feb 1700
Col John Mitchelburn & Susanna widow of William Jackson. Trustees William Bishop of Derry [William KING was appointed Bishop of Derry in 1691] & Samuel Jackson Esq. Bishop of Derry to dispose of £1,000 among children of Susan by William Jackson.
Col. Mitchelburn transfers to Trustees the lower half town of Gobnoscale in Manor of Goldsmiths in Derry Liberty & his dwelling house there one lately erected by him & held in fee farm grant under James Strong, Gent, at £12 yearly rent with £600 in hands of Richard Mitchelburne, Gent, his brother, houses, stock, plate, etc & leases under see of Derry. See Vol 3-1-30 No 19, Marsh’s Library, Dublin

Transcriptions & Notes
1709 Oct 4 MITCHELBURNE-GROVES. Marriage Settlement
Hon John Col. MITCHELBURNE  to marry Elizabeth GROVES, of Londonderry, widow & relict of William GROVES. and annuity of £90 pa settled on Elizabeth GROVES by her said husband late William GROVES to be vested in him. A making over the lower half of the townland of Gobnescale, Manor of Goldsmiths, Liberties City of Londonderry, near the Ferry Key & held from John STRONG. Anne Chamney
1713 Feb 26 Lease & Release  
John OSBURN of City of Dublin of 1st part. Richard MITCHELBURNE Ballyarthur, Co Wicklow of 2nd part  L   20 Apr 1714 £400 to John OSBURN, the money of Rev Thomas WHALEY of Sudden, Richard MITCHELBURNE acting in trust for WHALLEY, for 400a, By Arklow, Co Wicklow, held on lease for lives of John OSBURN & wife Sarah OSBURN & Richard MITCHELBURNE  from George OSBURN to John OSBURN & previously held by George OSBURN. John OSBURN also granting property in Co Wicklow held by Thomas WILLIAMS, farmer, for 31 years by a lease in reversion from George OSBURN to Richard MITCHELBURN. NOTE: Richard MITCHELBURN was a brother of Col John MITCHELBURN.  AnneChamney
1716 Nov 23 Btw Richard Lord Viscount ROSSE &  Richard MITCHELBOURNE… mention of a number of townlands in Co. Wicklow for lives of Charles LAMBE eldest son of William LAMBE of Willow Grove Co Wicklow Esq. Richard LAMBE 2nd son. 
1719 Dec 24 Will of Richard MITCHELBOURNE
Bequeathed to his wife Mary MITCHELBOURE, als JACKSON during her natural life the town and lands of Ballyarthur, [at Kilcandra, nr. Vale of Avoca, Co. Wicklow] and the Mansionhouse thereon and after her decease he devises the said house and lands to his sister  Mrs. Rachel SUNDHAM and his niece Mrs. Elizabeth SYMS and her heirs., and if no heirs to Law CROW  eldest son of cousin Jane CROW, and if no heirs to Richard LAMB, 2nd son of his cousin William and Ann LAMB … 
From Eustace abstracts: 188 MITCHELBURNE, RICHARD, Dublin, gent. 31 Jan. 1715. Narrate, J p., 24 Dec. 1719. Wife Mary als. Jackson, extx. Sister Mrs. Rachell Sandham. Niece Mrs. Elizabeth Syms. Niece Mrs. Mary Syms. Law. Crow, eldest son of his cozen Jane Crow. Richard Lamb, second son of his cozen William and Anne Lamb. His brother Mitchelburn. Michael and John Syms, William Crow, Jane Kirby and her children, Alice Charles, Richard Dickinson, Cornett John Russell, John Osborn (friend) and Sarah his wife, legatees. Ballyarthur, the two Ballanas [? Ballanagh, Co. Wicklow], Knock:duffe, Ballycullen [? Co. Wicklow], Ballynesragh, Killkashell and Rutland [situation not mentioned ? all in Co. Wicklow]. Witnesses : Richard Vincent, Francis Anderson, Dublin, gents., Francis Armitstead, clerk to said Francis Anderson. Memorial witnessed by : Francis Anderson, Chris. Inch, Will, Crow. 25, 172, 14626. Mary Mitchelburne (seal)
1718 Jul 18 M RILEYs will Barony Dun__yne
From Eustace Wills: RILEY, EDWARD, Dublin, Esq. 18 July 1718. Narrate, 3| p., 18 Jan. 1719. Wife Mary Riley. Son James Riley. A former settlement of £20 per annum for maintenance of the then wife of said James the son " whilst she continued his wife and resided in England." Daughter Martha Towers, Anthony Towers her only son. Daughter Anne Vincent. Her eldest son Edward Vincent, her second son Thomas, her third son Spencer and her fourth son Richard Vincent. His brother James. His grandson Richard Nuttall son of his daughter Lucy Nuttall deceased. Walter Rily [? Riley], Castletown, Co. Meath, gent. Richard Mitchellburne, Ballyarthur, Co. Wicklow, Esq., and John Ormsby, Esq., trustees. Lands of inheritance in counties Meath, Westmeath and Tipperary : Killeen, Rathmore, Flaghbegg, Fiermore, Killenmoda, Sheashaghinore, Burroskeane and fairs and marketts, Liscantane and bog and commons, and Gatross [? Gaulross] all in Co. Tipperary. Orestown, Killmainhambegg, Leastowne, Felltown, St. John's Land, Kell, Gardenrath, Syddenrath, Rectorys of Gorly [Girley], and Martry, Tankardstown and tythes, Harlestown, Milltown als. Milestown, Boolish, Donogpatrick, Archerstowne, impropriate tythes etc., all in Co. Meath. Williamstown, Simonstown and Mayne, Co. Westmeath. Ormond Key and High Street, Dublin. Ballymurroghroe, Co. Wicklow. Witnesses: Rev. James Cunningham, Armagh, clerk, Richard Cunningham, Dublin, merchant, Francis Anderson, Dublin, gent. Memorial witnessed by : Francis Anderson, J. Stothard. Ann Vincent (seal) 25, 190, 14709. Rich. Vincent (seal)
This is interesting because of the MITCHELBURNE-JACKSON connection, as well as the mention of the property of Orestown.


  1. Were the Francis Anderson (elsewhere shown to be a Dublin attorney) and son James, who are mentioned in the quoted will/deed, connected to the Jackson family somehow or are they there only as legal representatives or witnesses?

  2. Were the Francis Anderson (elsewhere shown to be a Dublin attorney) and son James, who are mentioned in the quoted will/deed, connected to the Jackson family somehow or are they there only as legal representatives or witnesses?

  3. In case it helps - I have a William Lambe, who in 1750 was granted 'lands of Willowgrove, Wicklow and other lands' by the Duggan and Haines heirs of Charles Shudall of Dublin. No idea what the connection to Lambe was but he turns up again in a 1767 will as an executor of sorts.

  4. According to Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Volume 2 (M-Z) 1863 London

    Alexander Tomkins (c1636-1692) had a daughter Mary Tomkins who married Col John Mitchelburne
    It is thought that Mitchelburne's wife and 7 of his children died during the siege