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Shameless Self Promotion #1

Sir Thomas Jackson and The Bank:
Not your average banker
Thursday, 22nd November, 2012

This talk is the second in the series on notable Hong Kong personalities of the 19th Century, and will present a marked contrast to Sir Patrick Pope Hennessy’s life and times in Hong Kong. For Sir Thomas, (known as “TJ” in the Bank) was certainly not your average bank manager, and with few formal qualifications, would probably be lucky to get an interview for a teller’s post these days; but, this is a tale of a young man, son of an Irish tenant farmer, who ended up by reshaping international banking in the Far East in the late 1800s.
David McLean & Thomas Jackson - 1866
He grew up in a border village near Crossmaglen, South Armagh and the family having little money for his higher education, he was apprenticed as a clerk to the Bank of Ireland’s Belfast Branch for two years, before he gambled on a career in the Far East with the Agra Bank.  In 1865, he joined the 2-year old HSBC in Hong Kong as a junior clerk, amongst a total of less than a dozen staff. And as the Bank quickly rose to prominence in the Far East, so too did TJ quickly rise up the ranks of The Bank. He was a keen racehorse owner and member of most of the main clubs in Hong Kong.  His wife Amelia, daughter of a sea captain, was also very active in Hong Kong being a president of the LRC, an enthusiastic gardener and tennis player.

Our Speaker, Ms Sharon Oddie Brown, is based in Roberts Creek, BC, Canada, and is a distant relative of the Jackson family. She is now writing a biography of Sir Thomas, his family and life during those exciting times of the late 19th century Hong Kong.She is presently in HK to research some missing items and is also hoping for further useful leads through  this talk. She will have available original photos of personalities, Peak houses, gardens and the LRC for our comment. Sharon has written the prize-winning book “Some Become Flowers” and runs a very active blog containing a wide range of topics, including organic farming and cooking, as well as plenty of history

Find out : Why Sir Thomas is the only statue in Statue Square and why are there no Royals?
 Who polished Sir Thomas’s shoes?   What is Sir Thomas’s connection with the USA?
 What was the  big scandal at the Ladies Recreation Club?
 Why was the HSBC known as the “Old Cow”?    And much more....

Speaker:                  Ms. Sharon Oddie Brown
Date/Time:              Thursday, 22nd November 6:30pm  (Cash bar is open from 6.00 pm).
Venue:                     The Helena May (Garden Room), Garden Road, Hong Kong..

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