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Jacksons in Memorials of the Dead

This is temporary - when I get home I will post these on my web site in an annotated version so they can be seen in context. There are also more, but this is a sample:

DUBLIN St Michans

Sacred to the memory of OLIVER BOND, / Died the 16th of Sept., 1798, in the 39th year of his age,/ the noblest work of God, an honest man.

Underneath is interred the remains of AMELIA B. JACKSON,/ who departed this life the 14th of Dec., 18....... aged 8 years & 10 months, Likewise the remains of her sister OLIVIA, who depar/ted this life March 18.... aged 7 years & 1 month, also of WILLIAM (this is doubtful) JACKSON, who died at Liverpool, / 24th April, 1835, aged 10 years.

*This is OLIVER BOND, the rebel, and JACKSON is said to be here, but the description does not mention him.


In Memory of Sarah Georgina L’Estrange, youngest daughter of Christopher Carleton, Esq. Of Fitzwilliam Sq. She was born August 8th, 1829, And fell asleep in Jesus April 18th, 1838. Is it well with the Child? And she answered, It is well. ii Kings 4, 26. And of Henry L’Estrange, Esqre. Eldest son of Christopher Carleton, Esqre., Died October 31st, 1839, aged 29 years. Also their kind and affectionate Aunt, Mary Jackson, Daughter of Colonel Jackson, Enniscoe House, Mayo, Died January, 1857.

CO. LONGFORD. Taghshunny Churchyard

Here lieth the remains of John Payne late of Derrycullim who lived Respected & died sincerely Regretd August 1st 1812 agt 68 yr also the Remains of his daughter Jane Jackson alis Payne dept this life April 8th agd 31 yr to perpetuate their memory This monument was Erected by his son Alexander Payne.


Here lieth the body of Mrs CATHERINE JACKSON* who departed this Life August 22nd 1793, aged 82 years, 62 of which she was wife to the Revd Daniel JACKSON of Tullamore. She lived virtuously and died happily. This Stone is erected out of love and real regard to her Memory by her friend MISS ELENOR TISDALL.

*aka Catherine DEERING.

KILDARE St Michaels Churchyard

HERE LIES THE BODY OF MARY / PEARSON ALIAS JACKSON LATE / WIFE OF RICHARD PEARSON OF / ATHY WHO DEPARTED THIS / LIFE IN THE 71ST YEAR OF HER AGE / YE 24TH OF IANUARY 1717 / HERE LIES YE BODY OF RICHARD / PEARSON OF ATHY WHO / DEPARTED THIS LIFE YE 19 DAY OF IVNE 1724 AGED 78 YEARS / also in hopes of a happy Resurrection here lieth the body of ROBERT PEARSON Esqr, Captain in the Royal Regimt of Foot of Ireland wh served under the brave Duke of Marlborough in ......................... Deceased Jan ............. [corner broken off]

KINGS CO. Ballyboy Churchyard [NOTE: There are also DROUGHT inscriptions in the same graveyard P1010487.jpg].

....Body of George Jackson, Esq. Of Ballyboy, who departed .... Feb 1786, in the 59th year of his age, Also his sister Charity Jackson .... died 1790, aged 69 years.

WICKLOW: Dunganstown.


  1. Else 17 Sept., 1777 (80)
  2. 2.Jackson, Hugh, 13 Feb. 1772 (74)

35 Elizabeth JACKSON, 1814 )34) “who had been inter’d at Castlemacadam 4 weeks on Acct. Of the Great Snow.


On a square headstone:

Here lieth the body of Henry/ Dickenson who departed this / Life February the 25th1751 aged 72

On the top edge of this stone is cur:

BEN IACKSON of Liffy Street Dublin


On a tablet just inside

SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF JOSEPH JACKSON fourth son of Richard Jackson of this Parish who in his 24th year of his age unfortunately lost his life when bathing on the morning pf 12th June 1835.

In the lone mansion of the sacred tomb

Rests a lov’d friend who perish’d in his bloom,

No time allow’d to wean him from the world,

But in a moment from existence hurled.

Deep. Deep he sunk beneath the dark cold wave,

But not too deep for sovereign Grace to save.

As a small token of esteem this tablet was sent from America, and caused to be erected by his afflicted brother Thomas Jackson, of New York, Merchant.


On a tablet over a door of a house near the village to the east:



Built by

Jno Jackson



Erected to the memory of / Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson --- late of Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin, / relict of the late Peter Jackson Esqr / and daughter of / Riley Towers Esqr / of this city and formerly of Calcutta. She died on the 25th of June 1867 in the 99th year of her age / beloved and respected by her / relations and friends for her / Benevolent disposition / and her many amiable qualities / This tablet has been erected as a tribute of respect to her memory by her nephews F.A. Jackson and C.W. Jackson Esqr


Near this place lieth the body of


Wife of Richard Jackson, second

Son of William of Coleraine

In ye County of Derry, in ye Kingdom

Of Ireland Esq. Daughter of Thomas

Bate of Ashby Gen. And Dorothy his

Wife, who departed this life the 13th

Of July, in ye year One thousand six

Hundred and ninety eight.

In ye twenty-fourth year of her age

Having had issue two sons

William and Thomas

& one daughter Susanna

Who only survived her.

Above are painted arms (gules, a fesse between three shovellers or; impaling Bate)

COUNTY TYRONE: Benburb Parish

THOMAS JACKSON, / of Tullidoey,* / died 20th April, 1805, / aged 63 years.

LYDIA JACKSON / widow of THOMAS JACKSON / Died 6th Decr., 1852, / aged 91 years.

THOMAS EYRE, / of Benburb, / Died 25th January, 1847, / aged 45 years.

HESTER ELIZABETH / first wife of THOMAS EYRE, Died 21st September 1839, / Aged 33 years.

JULIA MARIA, / Widow of THOMAS EYRE, died 16th September, 1879 / aged 62 years.

SALLY TISDALL, / Died 16 May, 1837, / aged 26 years. SARAH EYRE JACKSON, / Died 25th October, 1843, / aged 34 years.

ANNIE JACKSON / of Tullodoey, / died 27th May, 1859, / aged 71 years.

ELIZABETH JACKSON, / of Tullodoey, died 21st day of Feb., 1862, aged 76 years.

JAMES EYRE JACKSON, / of Tullodoey, / died 19th of April, 1862, / ages 68 years

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