Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 Oscars

This blog has been terribly serious of late, so in the spirit of trying to live a balanced life, here is a photo essay of my 2014 Oscar party.

Setting up the Vunder-Bar. It was a make-your-own-cocktail night to go with the Blue Jasmine quote: Who do you have to sleep with around here to get a Stoli martini with a twist of lemon?.

There would have been no party without Kinga, quietly doing all the things that I usually miss.
Vanessa came as the host - Ellen DeGeneres. She also made a healthy drink to offset the effect of the other drinks we imbibed.And she also made a whole fruit Marguerite. Yes!

This year's thematic homage.

Since 2002 we have awarded a statue for the highest score on the Oscar ballot. Its motto: GAUDIUM CERTAMINIS - The Joy of the Struggle. NOTE: We also seem to like our statue to be fully clothed. I don't recall exactly why. I think it had to do with Bill.

Popcorn at the ready.

Quick, quick - the red carpet embellishments. Thank you Colleen & Karen.

Carpet sewn by Phyllis, flowers by Colleen & Karen.

The Moi - What can I say?

Bronwen - I have known her since she was days old. Tres glam.

Phyllis - One of two friends at the party who I have known for five decades. Yikes!

Laurie & Diane - channeling the Dallas Buyers Club.

Lee and Angela - the grand entrance.

Marlena captures the rapture.

What's a boy to do when it goes on for so long?
Becket won the award for toddler in a supporting role.


Clearly at this stage of the evening we were losing focus. Diane scored 22/24 on her Oscar ballot, which may be a Roberts Creek record. (Unless Rosemary attained it in years past.)

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