Monday, April 23, 2012

Struan & Saras farm - It's for SALE

Last summer, I posted a piece about the incredible veggies grown by my brother Struan and his wife Sara. As it so happens, I am still enjoying last year’s garlic, and it is even still sweet and fragrant. The individual cloves have none of that bitterness that has accompanied some of the garlic that over the years I have chopped, minced, pressed or otherwise had my way with.

Struan in his glory
 But to all good things there is a season. Looking back with pleasure, and looking forward with hope, Struan & Sara are now planning to sell this farm. Their longer term hope is to buy acreage about half that size. To be honest, I haven’t a clue how they ever managed over the past several years to run a horse barn, as well as to grow enough vegetables and raise enough chickens, ducks and other fowl as well as sheep and such to feed their extended family and friends. They did all this, and yet still had enough left over to earn thousands from their veggie stand. You would think that they worked at the veggie growing full time, but no such thing. Struan has always had a full time job. It is just that gardening is his passion. Gotta love him.

I recall a decade and change ago when my husband and I sold our mountain top acreage and home in Mission, after having built the house with our own hands and raising our children there. We had put our heart and soul into that house as well as the land surrounding it, but there comes a time. Living on a mountaintop with a quarter mile road to maintain by hand was fast losing its appeal as we aged. Our hope when we listed it for sale was that whoever followed us would cherish it as much as we had. Of course, there are no such guarantees in life.

In Struan & Sara’s case, I hope that that the serendipity of the internet will connect them to someone who will love this land as much as they have. Perhaps, given the less than six degrees of separation that is true in our digital age, a horse-loving, farm-loving person might find the pictures that follow. Perhaps they will then feel their heart jump into their mouth with an impulsive OMG! – and then like any serious dreamer, they will find a way to make their next dream come true. After all, where else can you find a property such as this farm and stable within easy walking distance to local stores and restaurants?

Struan & Sara's house - but there is also a second house on the property as well

Exterior shot of the stable and barn. It has an indoor arena as well as 22 12'X12' stalls.

The indoor paddock is kept neat, and also has a watering system to keep the dust down.

This is taken from the roof of the barn before spring time greening up. The 1900 square foot greenhouse is off the the left behind their home, and the second house is barely visible, but is just right of the middle of the picture.
This is one of Sara's favourite pictures - a view of their outdoor paddock.

NOTE: Struan & Sara do have a realtor: Corrine Stones &Marc Goodwin. However, if someone buys this place as a result of my blogging on about it, then I expect double my usual portion of garlic scapes. Just kidding. Actually, my reward would be if everyone finds their dream. I am kind of a mutt about things like that. 

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